Diane Drubay is a French Berlin-based visual artist using photography, video art and multimedia installation nudging for eco-empathy.

Ignis 2024 (2024)

A Vanishing Horizon (2023)

Micro Stories from Tomorrow's World (2023)

sensory metaphor for the suns future (2022)

Nature as a delicate experience (2021)

Ignis - 14 sec towards carbon neutrality or the point of no return (2021)

When The Sun Can No Longer Be Seen (2021)

Impressions of a Burning Sun (2021)

In the Future, Glacial Landscapes Will Be Covered With Interference Colours (2020-2023)

A Sensational Journey Swaying Us Between the Ecstasy and Agony of Nature (2009 - 2019)

Follow the Ethereal Energy of the Sun (2018)

Feel Vertigo and Appeal of Waves (2017)

experience different stages leading transcendence through a sunrise (2015)

Look At Blueprints Left by the Solar Light on Clouds (2015)

Imaginary-infused Landscapes (2015)

whether destructive or salutary, feel the vital energy of the Sun (2014)

Contemplation of Constant New Beginnings (2013)