Diane Drubay is a French Berlin-based visual artist using photography, video art and multimedia installation to nudge for eco-empathy.

Interactive Storytelling and Invitation to Act

A Vanishing Horizon (2023)

Fruit of the collaboration between the poet Denise Duhamel and visual artist Diane Drubay (2023)

Micro Stories from Tomorrow's World (2023)

sensory metaphor for the suns future (2022)

Nature as a delicate experience (2021)

Ignis - 14 sec towards carbon neutrality or the point of no return (2021)

When The Sun Can No Longer Be Seen (2021)

Impressions of a Burning Sun (2021)

In the Future, Glacial Landscapes Will Be Covered With Interference Colours (2020)

A Sensational Journey Swaying Us Between the Ecstasy and Agony of Nature (2009 - 2019)

Follow the Ethereal Energy of the Sun (2018)

Feel Vertigo and Appeal of Waves (2017)

experience different stages leading transcendence through a sunrise (2015)

Look At Blueprints Left by the Solar Light on Clouds (2015)

Imaginary-infused Landscapes (2015)

whether destructive or salutary, feel the vital energy of the Sun (2014)

Contemplation of Constant New Beginnings (2013)