Ignis 2024
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One channel full HD color video with sound (14 seconds)
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1920 × 1080 pixels
In 'Ignis', seconds act as years.
Originally made in 2021 while we still had 14 years to reach carbon neutrality or the point of no return (Paris Agreement's critical warming limit of 1.5° to prevent catastrophic impacts), 'Ignis 2024' depicts the recent scientific results showing 2029 is more likely to be the cut-off year.

With this series, Diane Drubay plays with colour psychology to create an immersion that is both fascinating and shattering. She takes the viewer into an idealized vision of a world where interference colours cover the sky, creating a subjugating sense of calm. But suddenly, a layer of unpredictability is introduced bringing a sense of discomfort and anxiety. The more seconds tick by, the more space is taken up by corrupted data visuals.

Adding another level of storytelling, the sonification of the global CO2 emissions data guides us towards emotional dissonance, leaving us mute in the face of the unknown.

She adds layers of understanding and a final call to action to turn these emotions into concrete impact. As you explore, the scientific texts begin to overlap, reminding us of this impression of information overload. At the end, the text is associated with a QR code inviting us to take action.

Source: Lamboll, R.D., Nicholls, Z.R.J., Smith, C.J. et al. Assessing the size and uncertainty of remaining carbon budgets. Nature Climate Change. 2023

Concept & Art: Diane Drubay
Sonification and Sound Design: Noah Pred