one channel full HD color video, sound by Mani Hosseini, 6:08 min, 2018
two photographs, Hahnemühle fine art print, 60x40cm, 2018

This third opus of the project 'Skin Of Their Light' refers to the human form, physical and energetic, to consider and annihilate to generate positive destruction of oneself.

The videos 'Animae' focus on the colourimetric impressions of the sun in the sky and the movement and rhythm that it follows. By showing the ethereal energy of the Sun only, the video interprets the soul of our light pushing the viewer to consider his energy like it is. This series creates a sentiment of relief of being and an ego loss. On the path to transcendence, the stage of "Alievation" is represented by the series "Cortex ac Animae".

Following the pace of Nature, the music composed by Mani Hosseini draws lines to an undefined landscape made of light and waves. This piece is the result of a unique collaboration where musicians accompanying Mani Hosseini improvised a sonic universe on the video, guiding the spectators to a unique journey.

The video shall be exhibited along with two photographs.