2023 / 2024
One Cloud
A series of multi-medium artworks:
  • Part 1: "A Vanishing Horizon" presents 10 micro-videos using after image optical illusions to celebrate cloud's uniqueness.
  • Part 2: "Et le nuage respire" showcases an AR performance, syncing cloud animations with human breaths for eco-empathy.
  • Part 3: "One Cloud - Samples" collection process for a future herbarium, inviting people to collect clouds to donate to an NGO, and celebrate their uniqueness.
  • Part 4: "Herbier de Nuages" offers a 360° AR contemplation of 52 cumulus clouds in the style of an herbarium.
Drawing inspiration from Sandrine Bony's pioneering research and the revelations of the EU-funded EUREC4A project (2022), this series transcends mere commentary. Clouds encapsulate nature's duality—simultaneously thermal insulators and sunlight reflectors.
Part 1
A Vanishing Horizon
a series of 10 micro-videos and photographies

"One Cloud: A Vanishing Horizon" is an exploration of the incarnated relationship between clouds and human beings. It reveals the delicate yet profound interplay between our warming climate and the transient beauty of clouds.

Acting as thermal blankets and sunlight reflectors, clouds embody the paradox of our environment. High cirrus clouds, wispy and delicate, visible on clear days, absorb and trap radiation, contributing to Earth's warming. In contrast, clouds from the cumulus family, those fluffy shapes of fair-weather days, reflect sunlight back into space, performing a crucial cooling function.

"One Cloud - Observations" — The micro-videos initiates with a simple task: a 20-second observation of a cumulus cloud, communicated through a mobile reminder. This cloud transforms through a dynamic gradient of sunset hues, subtly shifting - a metaphor for our climate's fragile and transformative nature. At its heart, the piece employs the opponent-process theory of color vision, creating a lingering negative afterimage of the cloud as it fades into a stark white screen. The climax is a simple revelation: a message announcing the introduction of the Cumulus Cloud. The curious will be intrigued and will start reading the text attached to the piece, revealing the impending extinction of cumulus clouds due to rising global temperatures. By elucidating the nuanced roles of clouds and the interconnectedness of Earth's climatic systems, this piece serves as both a moment of reflection and a call to action, urging us to consider our role in this complex climatic narrative.

In resonance with Sandrine Bony's research and the findings of the EU-funded EUREC4A project (2022), this piece transcends mere commentary. It compels us to reflect on our role in Earth's climatic narrative and confront the question: how will we respond to our vanishing horizons?

"In our complex world where human impact influences even the most fleeting aspects of nature, 'One Cloud: A Vanishing Horizon' invites us to pause, reflect and engage. Just as every cloud carries an individual story of transformation, so do we hold the power to change the narrative of our planet. This series is not only a tribute to the mesmerizing beauty of the skies, but a call to action, a reminder that in every moment lies the possibility for change."

Pau Walder. Art critic and curator.
Part 2
Et le nuage respire
AR animated artwork
"Et le nuage respire" (English: And the cloud is breathing) presents an animated AR sculpture, evoking the intricate interplay between the crucial role played by clouds in Earth's evolving climate and their fleeting beauty. In a seamless choreography, the AR artwork celebrates the uniqueness of clouds with profound appreciation through synchronized breathing and emotionally charged hues.

Akin to an artistic performance, one cloud emerges with each cloud's appearance gracefully lasting 20 seconds. These clouds, scaled to human dimensions, encourage eco-empathy as viewers engage in synchronized breaths. Each time the user activates the artwork, a new cloud appears. Their appearances seamlessly blend with the viewer's reality, creating a fluid and immersive experience.

The AR performance prompts introspection on our place within Earth's evolving climate narrative. As we witness clouds' transient beauty and their pivotal role in climate harmony, we are compelled to reflect on our response to these vanishing horizons.

Spark / Instagram AR filter available here: https://www.instagram.com/ar/1648774815609929/

Part 3
One Cloud - Samples
PNG 1024x1024
Continuing the tradition of herbarium creation started in the 16th century, and building on her research begun in 2023, Diane Drubay is resuming her "One Cloud - Samples" series with the return of fair weather. The artist continues to accumulate and display captured clouds for admiration, study, and preservation.

Her ongoing herbarium features cumulus clouds, transient yet indispensable. Each cloud in this collection is celebrated as a climate hero. The artist uses a palette of emotionally resonant colors to distinguish these ephemeral forms and forge a unique connection with the viewer. The final stage of this new "One Cloud" series will be a 360° AR herbarium, a physical representation of Drubay's cloud collection and observation process.

Using blockchain mechanisms, viewers are invited to collect a cloud to support an NGO.
Part 4
Herbier de Nuages
360° digital sculpture
Interactive 3D model with auto rotation on displays
Javascript, HTML, GLB
"Herbier de Nuages (VOL.1)" [in English: "Herbarium of Clouds (VOL. 1)"] offers a 360° AR contemplation of 52 cumulus clouds, meticulously gathered from Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland during the Summer of 2023. This initial volume transports viewers into an immersive experience, akin to leafing through a celestial notebook or gazing upon a planetarium sky, inviting them to connect with the essence of clouds that have vanished.

The herbarium captures clouds that are both transient and indispensable. Colors imbued with emotion serve as the palette to distinguish these ephemeral forms and create a special bond with each of them.

As the last stage in the "One Cloud" series, this herbarium is the physical interpretation of Diane Drubay's process of collecting and observing clouds in 2023. There, the artist will continue to accumulate captured clouds and display them to be admired, studied but also preserved. Each cloud in this sky's ever-changing tapestry is celebrated as a hero of Earth's climate.

Concept & Art: Diane Drubay. Technical advisor: somaticbits.