Ardens - Impressions of a Burning Sun
a series of 8 digitally modified photographies
2500 x 2500px, PNG
Diane Drubay's "Ardens (1/8), Impressions of a Burning Sun" is part of a series of eight photographs portraying a palette of vibrant hues that draws inspiration from the Impressionist movement, renowned for its masterful use of color to evoke emotion and capture fleeting moments. Through careful composition and the deliberate repetition of this motif, each image features a burning sun at its focal point, exuding a unique energy and conveying a distinct emotional state. With this series, Diane Drubay's intention is not solely to captivate the viewer but also to provoke a deep sense of responsibility and activism. By using colors as a medium to evoke powerful emotions, she invites us to reflect on the urgent need to protect and preserve our natural world.

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