Meridiem - Tones of impermanent futures
photography and seamless loop video, mp4, 2000x2000, 16 seconds (2021)
Tones of impermanent futures

How dust from the Sahara can turn the Alps red (21/11) - Snow in Chilean desert delivers chill warning on climate (29/08) - This Californian desert is covered in unexpected snow (08/02) - Earth is dimming due to climate change (02/10) - Wildfire smoke brings haze to the sky (07/07) - Siberian wildfire smoke causes hazy skies in Southcentral Alaska (18/07) - Wildfire smoke creates brighter clouds — and weather changes (03/08) - Solar heating system brings warmth and cheer to Himalayan mountain households (11/12)

With this new series, Diane Drubay plays with colour psychology to create an immersion that is both mesmerising and unsettling. Mirroring this year's news, she offers a vision of a world in equilibrium between multiple futures.

Her speculative visions are drawn by the aesthetics of social science fiction literature, current climate science discoveries and daily news. She advocates for optimistic images interpreting shocking future stories.

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photography and seamless loop video
MP4, 2000x2000, 16 seconds
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Meridiem I