Diane Drubay
Driving innovation in museums and the arts since 2007
Museum Change Maker • Web3 Consultant • Curator • Visual Artist
Pioneering strategist, curator, and speaker, who has been reshaping the museum and arts sector globally.

References: Musée d'Orsay, French Ministry of Culture, Marina Abramovich, Tate, Palace of Versailles, Smithsonian, Art Basel, ZKM Karlsruhe, HEK Basel, Tezos, EIT Climate-KIC, LAS Art Foundation, UNESCO, SONAR+D, Ubisoft, City of Paris, Natural History Museum of Paris, Rodin Museum, Culturespaces, Claude Monet Foundation, Olympic Museum of Lausanne, French National Heritage Center, Villa Albertine, Futurium, ICOM.

Founder of We Are Museums and WAC-Lab
Web3 + Museum consultant
Exhibition and conference curator

Founder of blueshift, a curated online space for environmental art
Member of Lumen Prize International Selection Committee 2024
Curator at the Artcrush Gallery World Council Europe 2024

Nudging for better futures and nature-awareness through artistic and curatorial practices (artistic and curatorial practice).
Head of Arts & Culture at TZ Connect / Tezos, 2021-2023
Founder of Buzzeum, digital strategy for museums, 2007-2019
Communication Project Manager at French Ministry of Culture, 2008-2012
Digital Content and Events Coordinator at Musée Henner, 2009 - 2012
Co-founder of Museomix, museum hackathon, 2011-2013
Conference curator at Museum Connections, 2014-2022

Co-founder of alterHEN, an artist-run NFT gallery, 2021-2023

Jury member of the IMPART Artist Grant Award by Qatar America, 2023
Jury member of NFT Art Prized Moments II, at Art Moments Jakarta, 2022
Jury member of Art Explora Awards, 2021
Mentor in the VerticalCrypto Art Residency 2021-2023