Seven channel color-looped full HD video installation + sound, variable dimensions
Third opus of the project ‘Skin Of Their Light’, ‘Cortex ac Animae’ (‘Husk and Soul’ in Latin) refers to the human form, physical and energetic, to consider and annihilate to generate a positive destruction of one-self. This serie is divided in two part responing to one another. The videos ‘Animae’ focus on the colometric impressions of the Sun in the Sky and the movement and rythm that it follows. By showing the ethereal energy of the Sun only, the video interprets the soul of our light pushing the viewer to consider his energy like it is. The videos ‘Cortex” focus on the bark of Life like blueprints left by the solar light on clouds. It refers to the material form that we have and the physical impact we have on Earth. This serie creates a sentiment of relief of being and an ego loss.
A compilation gathering sonic representations of the video art serie will be release in Autum 2018 on the Berlin-based label ‘Instruments of Discipline’.

On the path to transcendance, the serie "Cortex ac Animae" represents the "Alievation" stage.

Still from video / Full HD color video Sound by Mani Hosseini / 6:08 min

Still from video / Full HD color video / 5:28 min

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