SKIN OF THEIR LIGHT – Spes Aeterna (IOD017)

IOD017 // SKIN OF THEIR LIGHT – Spes Aeterna 

‘Spes Aeterna’ compiles seven sonic representations of the video art by Diane Drubay. Five musicians coming from Australia, United States and Sweden collaborated with the French video artist to create a deep ambient and experimental drone compilation: Zanias, Halv Drøm, Kim Boekbinder, Dan Söderqvist and Bixu. The compilation is a right blend of psychoactives colors with textural, emotional and rhythmic soundscapes to expand the idea of Sublime and create a strong natural cognitive enhancer. The compilation should be listened facing the video pieces to dive into an introspective state and reach high consciousness. This is the first installation of a trilogy.

1. Spes Aeterna XXXIII – Zanias

2. Spes Aeterna XXX – Halv Drøm

3. Spes Aeterna XXXII – Dan Söderqvist

4. Spes Aeterna XXII – Zanias

5. Spes Aeterna XXXVIII – Halv Drøm
To be released soon

6. Spes Aeterna XXXIII – Kim Boekbinder
To be released soon

7. Spes Aeterna XXXI – Bixu
To be released soon